Grazers G1 – Concentrate (1 litre)

Rabbits, Pigeon, Deer & Geese


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When diluted (1 litre), effective against rabbits, pigeon, deer & geese

Helping amenity plants to help themselves against their pests, whilst safe to all wildlife (1 litre)

Treats 10,000m2 (1ha or 2.5 acres) £0.39p per 100m2

UK Delivery: £3.95 for all orders below £20 total value (any quantity or combination)
  • Effective against damage from rabbits, pigeons, deer and geese
  • Headland (24m min.)and spot treatments generally sufficient
  • Systemic (grows with the plant)
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks (in ideal conditions)
  • Safe to use on edible and ornamental crops
  • Spray from early leaf emergence
  • Strengthens and stimulates crop growth