General description and product usage

The Grazers product is a liquid, sold in a concentrated form that requires dilution. All the products are based around the plant nutrient calcium (the CaCl form), combined with a natural adjuvant of a plant extract to improve its plant interaction.

This specific mix of calcium and adjuvant only works to keep away grazing pests when it is applied to the photosynthesising leaves, stems or flowers of any plant, thereby interacting with the plant’s own metabolic processes.

Mode of Action

How the Grazers technology works

When applied to leaves and stems, the calcium is also absorbed into plant cells resulting in a “plant mediated effect” of making the plant unappealing to pests. The newest leaf or two formed after Grazers application is expected to be assisted by the translocated calcium.

Using a human term of reference, when Grazers is applied to a plant it makes it seem ‘bitter’ or unappetising to the attacking grazing pest, therefore unappealing for the pests to eat, so they look elsewhere for their food.

Like all safe and good biologically-active products, this effect does not last forever, because it is a normal plant nutrient and therefore naturally dissipates within the plant.

In the meantime, however, plants applied with Grazers are given the very best chance to establish, thrive and overcome their own attackers, be they rabbits, deer or birds such as pigeons.

A: Application

  1. Apply a fine mist all over, including under leaf.
  2. Calcium covers the plant and starts to enter the leaves.

B: Leaf Coverage

  1. Calcium on the leaf remains, unless heavy rainfall.
  2. Translocation of calcium to the next new leaves occurs.

C: Activity and longevity

  1. New leaves will have some level of acquired resistance.
  2. Further shoot growth needs additional Grazers coverage.
  3. After time, the plant will need further applications.

Grazers: Rabbits, Pigeon, Deer & Geese


Grazers : Rabbits, Pigeon, Deer & Geese



This original Grazers product is formulated to give plants effective foliar fortification against the larger herbivores of rabbits, pigeon, deer and geese, with no harm to any plants or animals. Totally wildlife friendly.


A fine spray application is applied to herbivore-suceptible plant, especially the most desirable parts.

Applied lightly (up to surface run-off) to cover plant, repeated as recommended on the label.


Being proactive and getting ahead of these herbivores is the single most important factor.

Monitoring and adjusting applications according to the herbivores gives best results.


Treated plants are able to better help themselves in dissuading attack by these herbivores.

The herbivore pests left totally unharmed, so will seek alternative food source.

Plants will grow and thrive, assisted by the plant strengthener nutrient of calcium.

How to Buy

1. Supplied by several distributors

2. Available in our Grazers Shop