Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, when young tender plants are being brought outside for the first time they are very vulnerable, but often one treatment is enough initially. Where there is a severe problem we recommend a programme of treatment to get Grazers into the plant prior to being put out, eg two double rate applications inside plus another treatment immediately once outside.

It can be sprayed effectively at any stage while the crop is growing but will be best absorbed in early spring through to autumn whilst actively growing.

Grazers is rain fast in 1 hour, though a dry day is ideal to allow it to be absorbed fully. It also contains a wetting agent. In ideal conditions, it will last six weeks but obviously, with regular irrigation, treated areas will need monitoring for repeat applications.

For more information please click here to see our Tank Mix compatibility testing results.

No. Grazers works by being absorbed systemically through the leaf of the growing plant NB if a plant/crop/grass is under stress due to poor health, nutrition, poor soil conditions (waterlogged, drought) Grazers may not work straight away and growing conditions/plant health may have to improve before re application.