GroGreen® Feed & Shine® Roses (5.0 litres concentrate)



Rose plants kept in top condition, naturally and cost-effectively

Environmentally-kind feeds for healthy roses in concentrated formulation, maximum volume

Foliar fertiliser for Roses (Concentrate) GroGreen® Feed & Shine® Roses Concentrated is a specially-developed micronutrient fertiliser for all types of roses (except for the Rosa Rugosa group). Applied once a week, it will ensure that roses stay healthier and more resistant towards leaf fungi such as rust, mildew and blackspot. GroGreen® Feed & Shine® Roses is the extra supplement that, together with organic fertiliser, ensures that your roses constantly thrive. The product is environmentally friendly and gentle towards roses and nature in general. GroGreen® Feed & Shine® Roses contains micronutrients, seaweed, iron, the plant oils tea tree, clove and citronella, and surfactant. The documented effect of the micronutrients gives strong, healthy root and plant growth, and efficiently prevents iron, copper, magnesium, manganese and zinc deficiency. The plant oils give the leaves a beautiful appearance, protect them against wind and weather, and keep them dry. The surfactant ensures that the plant fully absorbs the nutrients.   Use:
  • The product is concentrated and must be mixed with water in the ratio 1:100. Applied by garden sprayer.
  • Apply once a week from May to September.
  • Shake the mixture well and spray it on all leaves until it drips off.
  • The amount to use depends on the plant size.
  • Spray on dry leaves and in dry weather.
  • Do NOT spray in direct sunshine.
  • Use the mixture within eight days.
  • If the suggested use once a week is not possible, we advise to use Feed & Shine® Roses every two weeks in the ratio of 1:50
  • In adverse weather situations it is possible to use Feed & Shine® Roses every week in the ratio of 1:50 until normal weather conditions resume.
  Mixing ratio: Mix 1:100 = 5 Litres diluted with 500 litres of water.   Guaranteed contents:   GroGreen® Feed & Shine® Roses Concentrated A fertilizer with EDTA chelated micronutrients, seaweed, natural plant oils and surfactant. pH 7.5 and green in colour  
Contents: Total nitrogen (N)                      6.0% – of which Urea (N)         6.0% Magnesium (Mg) *                    0.40% Iron (Fe) *                                 0.10% Manganese (Mn) *                    0.20% Zinc (Zn) *                                 0.20% Copper (Cu) *                            0.25% * chelated/water-soluble Ingredients other than plant nutrients: Tea tree oil                     0.5% Citronella oil                   0.5% Clove oil                         0.5% Seaweed extract           1.75% Surfactant                     15.0%  
  Storage:           Store frost free