Grazers manufactures an eco-friendly product range for plant growers.

We also take a strongly proactive approach to all environmental aspects of production and supply, ensuring we reduce our plastic and carbon footprint wherever possible.

Amongst other components of the manufacturing and supply processes, we ensure that Grazers follows a robust policy on plastic usage, with our core garden range of products using 100% recycled plastic…

The whole range of Grazers products are supplied in both recyclable and recycled plastic containers:

Recyclable High Density Polyethylene

Post Consumer Recycled resin

Using PCR resin, a white HDPE plastic is used for all product containers which can either be washed out and re-used, or readily recycled with other commonly recycled items, such as milk containers.

Grazers promotes its bottles of concentrate in the market, over and above the diluted RTU hand sprayers, so customers can either refill the Grazers RTU or make use of their own spray containers.

These bottles of concentrate are not only the most cost effective for our customers but also use far less plastic per unit of product and also require less packaging and fuel to transport.
Spray triggers in the Grazers Ready-to-Use (RTU) bottles are manufactured to a high specification, enabling the most efficient use of product (including upside down) and re-usable numerous times

No plastic bubble wrap or plastic cushioning is used to ship Grazers products to our customers, only recycled paper and cardboard cartons, which are all recyclable again.

Grazers recycles its own plastic waste eg pallet wrap, containers, sacks etc via a local farm waste plastic recycling company Solway Recycling:

Unless exceptional circumstances, plastic containers and product packaging is sourced from the most local suppliers to Grazers’ production site.

Grazers is currently looking into a plastics recycling scheme to encourage users not to discard their old, re-usable plastic containers from Grazers and instead return them into a circular economy.

Finally, Grazers is always striving to do more to improve the environment in its range of products and its manufacturing processes, so we always welcome further ideas and feedback. Contact us.