Background & Philosophy | The approach to GroGreen product development

GroGreen is manufactured in Denmark by E.Marker A/S, which has a strong ethos and commitment to achieving more natural plant growth

Company Background and Bio-active Philosophy

The GroGreen® range has been developed over recent years by the Danish company E. Marker A/S which has a proud record of producing bio-active products for forward-thinking plant managers and gardeners.

Since the company was founded in 1998 the company’s owner, Carsten Marker, has been designing, testing and manufacturing novel and natural amendments for growing media and foliar applications for the turf and amenity industry.

The company’s philosophy is that this more natural bio-fertility approach brings out the best in plants, allowing them to thrive and attain their full genetic potential, which in the long-term is more environmentally beneficial and also more cost-efficient.

From approximately 2015, using knowledge and expertise gained from the very exacting turf industry, E. Marker A/S has worked with scientists and practitioners to expand the company into the retail horticultural market, by producing unique and innovative ‘environmentally kind’ products, including this new GroGreen® range.

Originally designed for the more environmentally conscious Scandinavian countries, organic-based products have been used to add not only micronutrients, but also beneficial plant extracts that can greatly enhance healthy plant growth.

The target customer for the GroGreen® Feed & Shine® range is the professional or amateur gardener who is actively seeking to minimise chemical inputs, yet still, maintain vigorous and healthy Roses or Buxus plants.

Product Development

The two GroGreen Feed & Shine products have been developed and refined through several years of plant nursery trials in the UK.  From 2017-2019 they were tested thoroughly against conventional chemical applications and, where possible, other similar product performance in replicated pot plant trials.

The results of these trials can be found here

The GroGreen Feed & Shine Roses products have had increasing sales in several Scandinavian countries over the last few years and the newly introduced GroGreen Feed & Shine Buxus is now also in popular demand since its launch in 2019.