Grazers G3: Cabbage White Butterflies, Caterpillars & Aphids


This Grazers G3 product is formulated to give brassica plants effective foliar fortification against Cabbage White Butterflies laying their eggs, with no harm to any plants or any animals. Totally wildlife friendly.


A fine spray application applied to brassica plants, ensuring coverage of all susceptible leaf areas.

Applied lightly (up to surface run-off) to cover plant, repeated as recommended on the label.


Being proactive, to make sure application made prior to the butterfly’s egg laying is very essential.

Monitoring and adjusting applications according to pest conditions gives the best results.


Treated plants are better able to help themselves in dissuading egg laying by Cabbage Whites.

All butterflies will be left totally unharmed, so will seek alternative egg laying sites sources nearby.

Plants will grow and thrive, assisted by the plant strengthener nutrient of calcium.

How to buy

1. Ask your local Garden Centre

2. Find in many on-line shops

3. Available in the Grazers Shop


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