Background & Philosophy

Company Background and Grazers’ Product Evolution

In the 1990’s the original Grazers formulation was discovered by a crop nutrition company whilst developing a foliar application of trace elements for farm crops. It was found that rabbits, pigeon and deer were so averse to grazing the healthy crops treated with this specific calcium mixture that in the year 2000 the company Grazers was formed to provide a refined product to assist farmers and growers affected by these pests.

In the early 2000’s the Tebb Roger family, with a strong environmental philosophy, took on the challenge and progressed the business, promoting the Grazers G1 formula both into UK agriculture and horticulture as well as into the amenity and retail markets. International sales to Europe began soon after, as news spread.

In the 2010’s the company grew steadily with increasingly enthusiastic customers discovering the Grazers product. At the same time, with various crop and pest trials, further products were added to the Grazers range to assist plants against the grazing by slugs and other invertebrates. Grazers G2 and Grazers G3 products were perfected and launched into the home and garden market, followed by Grazers G4 in 2018.

Grazers’ Environmental Philosophy

From the outset, Grazers has always sought to produce a product range that was totally safe to nature, not just to humans, their crops and their pets, but to all wildlife.

Importantly this wildlife needs to include the very pests that the products are seeking to keep away from the plants, as they play an important part in natural food chains.

So, by applying the Grazers products we are in effect ‘helping our plants to help themselves’, giving them the strength to flourish. At the same time, we are also leaving their pests healthy for consumption by their own natural predators, such as the birds, hedgehogs, frogs, toads etc.

In turn the safer environment attracts more wildlife to the area, which will eat yet more pests

Just to reiterate, our products DO NOT HARM, anything!